Ultimate Instant Pot Accessories List

Ultimate Instant Pot Accessories List

If you're an Instant Pot fan, you know that there are a million and one things you can make with this amazing appliance. But what about the accessories? What else do you need to turn your Instant Pot into a true kitchen powerhouse? Here's our ultimate list of the best Instant Pot accessories out there! From helpful extras like steamer baskets and egg racks to must-have items like extra sealing rings and replacement glass lids, we've got everything you need to make the most of your Instant Pot. So whether you're looking to expand your culinary horizons or just want to be prepared for anything, be sure to check out our list!

Instant Pot Steamer Basket - perfect for steaming vegetables, seafood, and more

Whether you're looking for a healthier way to prepare vegetables and seafood or just trying to make quick meals that taste great, the Instant Pot Steamer Basket provides the perfect solution. This versatile basket is sized to fit most Instant Pot models, so it's easy to integrate into your cooking routine. It also offers plenty of steaming capacity, making it ideal for easily preparing large meals. Plus, the stainless steel construction keeps food fresh-tasting and safe from toxins, ensuring healthy meals every time. From vegetable medleys to seafood boils, the Instant Pot Steamer Basket will let you steam your way to deliciousness with minimal effort.

Instant Pot Egg rack - cook a dozen eggs at once with this handy accessory

If you’ve ever had a hard time keeping up with breakfast on busy mornings, the Instant Pot egg rack is the perfect solution. It easily fits into your pressure cooker and allows you to cook a dozen eggs all at once without waiting in line for the stove or flipping them one by one. Its durable construction and simple operation ensure evenly cooked eggs while freeing up time to focus on other important tasks. The Instant Pot egg rack is an ideal accessory for cooking multiple eggs quickly and efficiently.

Instant Pot Stainless steel inner pot - upgrade your Instant Pot with this durable pot

The Instant Pot Stainless steel inner pot is the perfect upgrade for your existing Instant Pot. Not only will it increase the durability of your favorite kitchen appliance, but it is also extremely easy to maintain and offers a squeaky-clean finish each time you wash it. The stainless steel pot has the perfect size and shape to fit seamlessly inside the Instant Pot appliance, so you won't need to worry about having additional accessories. What's more, its heavy-duty 4mm construction ensures a long life for this pot--which will give you peace of mind during busy days in the kitchen!

Instant Pot Silicone lid - keep food fresh and prevent spills with this airtight lid

The Instant Pot Silicone lid makes food storage an absolute breeze. It provides airtight sealing to keep food fresher for longer, preventing spoilage from extended periods in the refrigerator or pantry. It fits snugly on top of your Instant Pot vessels, so you don't have to worry about spills while in transit. The lid has a secure fit that won't pop off unexpectedly, and its vibrant colors make it easy to identify each vessel's contents. This silicone lid is truly the perfect companion for any kitchen and allows you to store leftovers with complete confidence that they will stay as fresh as when they were first prepared.

Instant Pot Temperature probe - ensure your food is cooked to perfection with this temperature probe

An Instant Pot Temperature Probe takes away all of the guesswork when cooking complex dishes. It conveniently measures the internal temperature of your food as it cooks, alerting you as soon as it reaches the desired temperature. This means that you don't have to worry about undercooking or overcooking - everything is cooked to perfection. The probe also allows you to adjust temperature settings while cooking and provides accurate readings every time. With fast, precise measurements, this device is a great addition to any kitchen collection.

Instant Pot Cheat Sheet - to reduce prep time

With the Instant Pot, making flavorful, healthy meals for your family has never been easier. Whether you are a kitchen novice or an expert chef, a handy Instant Pot cheat sheet is essential for every cook. Not only does this invaluable tool provide recipes that are easy to follow and can be adapted for anyone's desired tastes, but it also helps to ensure that the ingredients and settings you choose will create the perfect meal. 

From soup to steak and everything in between, a cheat sheet makes preparing beautiful meals with an Instant Pot more efficient and enjoyable than ever before!

Instant Pot Cake pan - bake a cake or other desserts right in your Instant Pot!

If you're in a pinch for time and want a delicious dessert, an Instant Pot Cake Pan is the perfect solution! The cake pan is designed to fit perfectly inside your Instant Pot pressure cooker allowing you to bake various cakes and desserts quickly and easily - whether it's for a birthday, family gathering or just because. With this versatile pan, you don't need to turn on your oven or have access to an oven at all. You'll get a moist and fluffy cake with that extra hint of flavor thanks to the tenderizing effect of pressure cooking. Plus, cleanup is effortless! With this convenient baking option, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising time or quality.

Tips and Tricks

Once you become more comfortable using the appliance, there are some Instant Pot tips and tricks that can help make your experience even better! Here are a few of them: 

  1. Use the sauté function before pressure cooking – this helps bring out more flavor in your food!
  2. Add spices at different times – adding certain spices early on may cause them to burn during the pressure cooking process, while adding them later on, will give them more flavor.
  3. Always add liquid when pressure cooking – this helps create steam which helps cook your food evenly!
  4. Experiment with different ingredients – try adding things like wine or beer into your recipes to give them an extra kick!  


To conclude, if you’re worried about messing up your Instant Pot with some of the more complicated dishes, don’t fret—accessorize it with all the great tools and add-ons! From the Instant Pot Steamer Basket for steaming vegetables to the Instant Pot Egg Rack for cooking a dozen eggs at once to an Instant Pot Silicone lid for keeping food fresh and free from spills, these accessories make cooking with an Instant Pot easier and more enjoyable than ever. Not only that, but with their temperature probe and cake pans, you can tackle even the most challenging recipes. So what are you waiting for? Accessorize your Instant Pot today—you won’t regret it!

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