Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Drumsticks: Finger-Licking Good

Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Drumsticks: Finger-Licking Good

Nothing beats the taste of crispy chicken drumsticks. They are great for BBQs, family dinners, or a quick snack. However, traditional methods of preparing drumsticks can take hours and leave your kitchen all greasy. Thanks to air fryers, you can now cook chicken drumsticks in minutes, and the result is nothing short of amazing!

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Drumsticks that are Finger-Licking Good.


Prep the chicken drumsticks

Step 1: Prep the chicken drumsticks

   Getting started on any recipe can be the most tedious part of cooking, but preparing your chicken drumsticks should be a breeze. Start by removing any unwanted fats before thoroughly washing them and patting them dry.

 Ensuring they meet the right temperature is the key to ensuring they are cooked thoroughly. Not only is this step crucial for your family’s health, but it can also prevent any embarrassing moments at the dinner table. Don't forget to season your chicken drumsticks with your favorite BBQ rub or any other additional spices. 

Consider using silicone air fryer liners or an air fryer rack for some added convenience. If you’re using an instant pot, it’s recommended that you keep an air fryer magnetic cheat sheet handy for quick and easy reference!


Cook the chicken drumsticks in the air fryer

Step 2: Cook the chicken drumsticks in the air fryer

   Cooking chicken drumsticks in an air fryer is quick, easy, and yields deliciously crispy results. The key to even cooking and perfect browning is to preheat the air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes before adding your seasoned drumsticks. To prevent sticking, spray the basket with non-stick cooking spray, or consider investing in silicone air fryer liners or an air fryer rack.

Leave some space between each drumstick to ensure they cook evenly. After 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of your drumsticks, flip them halfway through cooking to ensure both sides get crispy. And don’t forget to use an air fryer magnetic cheat sheet to help you determine the internal temperature of the meat to ensure it's fully cooked. Your taste buds will thank you!


Brush on the BBQ sauce

Step 3: Brush on the BBQ sauce

   Once you've cooked your drumsticks to perfection, it's time to add the finishing touch: BBQ sauce. Brush it on generously and put them back in the air fryer for 5-7 minutes more. The sauce will caramelize and create a cornucopia of sweet and savory flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. 

In no time, you'll have some sticky and tasty chicken drumsticks that are perfect for any occasion. Just be prepared to have everyone asking for the recipe!


Let them rest

Step 4: Let them rest

   Nothing compares to biting into a juicy, perfectly cooked chicken drumstick. But before planning your menu, remember that step 4 is just as important as the rest. After you've whipped up some deliciously crispy and perfectly seasoned BBQ chicken drumsticks in your air fryer, it's time to let them rest for a few minutes. 

This crucial step allows the juices to settle and flavors to meld, resulting in an even more delicious and succulent final product. So take a deep breath, set your table, and be ready to enjoy some seriously tasty chicken drumsticks.



Step 5: Enjoy

   After patiently waiting through all the previous steps, it's finally time to indulge in the deliciousness that is your Air Fryer BBQ chicken drumsticks. The flavors start to burst in your mouth as you take that first satisfying bite. The crispy skin provides the perfect crunch while the juicy, tender meat melts in your mouth. The sweet and tangy barbecue sauce adds the perfect finishing touch to this already perfect dish. 

Whether you're enjoying it alone or sharing it with friends and family, there's no denying that these chicken drumsticks are sure to impress everyone. So take time to savor every bite and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Important Tips For Air Frying

Important Tips For Air Frying

Read the Manual

   Are you excited to start cooking some delicious air fryer BBQ chicken drumsticks? Before you do, take a moment and go through the manual that comes with your air fryer. Even if it doesn't sound like the most fun activity, it's important! 

The manual will give you valuable information on using and caring for your air fryer, which will help it last longer and work better in the long run. Plus, it's worth noting that air fryers have different capabilities, so it's important to familiarize yourself with your specific model. 

You'll be ready once you have all the information to fire up those air fryer BBQ chicken drumsticks and make them as delicious as possible! 

Preheat the Air Fryer

   Imagine biting into a perfectly cooked BBQ chicken drumstick - juicy, flavorful, and crispy on the outside. Thanks to your air fryer, this can become a reality. However, to achieve this level of culinary bliss, it is crucial to preheat your air fryer before you begin cooking.

Fortunately, most air fryers have a preheat setting, so check your manual to find out how to use it and get ready to enjoy delicious BBQ chicken drumsticks.

Use Cooking Spray

   If you're a fan of air fryers, then you're probably already aware of their many benefits. They're perfect for cooking all sorts of foods, from French fries to chicken wings. However, one common problem many people experience is food sticking to the basket. 

This can be especially frustrating when cooking BBQ chicken drumsticks, but there is a simple solution. Using cooking spray, you can prevent your food from sticking and ensure that everything comes out crispy and delicious. So next time you fire up your air fryer, don't forget the cooking spray!

Don’t Overcrowd the Basket

   An air fryer is ideal for anyone who loves the taste of BBQ chicken drumsticks but doesn't want to deal with the mess of grilling. However, it's important to remember that when cooking in an air fryer, you should never overcrowd the basket. Why? Because if you do, your food will cook unevenly due to the hot air's inability to circulate effectively. 

To ensure your BBQ chicken drumsticks are cooked perfectly, you should only cook as much food as will fit in a single layer in the basket. The hot air can flow freely around the chicken, giving it a crispy, golden exterior and a juicy, tender interior. 

With some patience and careful consideration of the quantity of food in the basket, you can enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked chicken drumsticks without ever firing up the grill.

Shake the Basket Occasionally

   Cooking is an art; like any other art form, it requires some skill and technique. If you cook food that sticks together, such as french fries, you might notice that some parts of the food are overcooked while others are still raw. This can result in an unpleasant experience for your taste buds. 

However, this issue can be easily solved with a little effort. While cooking, shake the basket occasionally to ensure the meal is evenly cooked on all sides. Doing this will give you the perfect crispy, golden fries that will impress your guests. So, remember to shake it up while cooking to achieve the perfect meal!

Check on Your Food Regularly

  Cooking in an air fryer can revolutionize your meal prep routine, but it's crucial to remember that your food still needs to be checked regularly. Monitoring your food while it cooks will help you ensure it is cooked to your desired level of doneness.

Do you like your chicken nice and crispy? Do you prefer your vegetables to be soft and tender? Taking a peek at your food as it cooks will allow you to make adjustments as necessary to guarantee that you end up with delicious, perfectly prepared food every time. 

Plus, since different foods cook at different rates, keeping an eye on your air fryer will prevent  unwanted burning or overcooking, so you'll never be left with a disappointing meal again.

Let the Air Fryer Cool Down Before Cleaning

   After preparing a delicious meal with your air fryer, the last thing you want is to get burned while attempting to clean it. That's where patience and safety come into play. Letting your air fryer cool down before trying to clean it is crucial.

 Not only will this prevent any accidental burns, but it also gives the unit ample time to cool down and release any residual heat. By doing this, you can increase the air fryer's lifespan and ensure that it continues producing mouth-watering meals for years.


  Making Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Drumsticks is easy, quick, and a perfect alternative to outdoor grilling. You can have finger-licking-good chicken with just a few simple steps to satisfy any craving. So, the next time you’re in the mood for BBQ chicken, try making it in the air fryer and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.

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